Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter! Since we had our traditional Easter dinner on Friday night, we were able to 'take it easy' after church. :) We decided to go out to eat Sunday night instead. Caroline is not wearing her traditional smocked dress, but is wearing the same dress my niece wore ten years ago in our wedding. My mom saved it for my little girl. :) She kept swirling around like a princess! So sweet and cute! We took tons of pictures, so I'm going to divide this post into two parts (after Church in our dress clothes) and then part two (egg hunt at our house).
This is what the Easter Bunny brought Caroline. It didn't fit it in her basket! She got a floor puzzle (she's graduated to the large floor puzzles with 50 pieces!), a Melissa and Doug number puzzle, Strawberry shortcake softball glove, movies, books, bath paint, sidewalk chalk/rake, and candy! She was so excited to see all of her goodies!

The following pictures are some of my favorite photos of Caroline from Sunday. I wish that some of them didn't turn out so dark, but I know NOTHING about photography! ;)

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Stephanie said...

Love the pics! She is adorable and growing up so fast. Sometimes I wish we could go back to our little baby stage, but I do love the ages we're at. Glad you had a nice Easter!