Monday, August 4, 2008

Doctor's Visit Check Up 15 months

We went to our favorite doctor (Dr. Elaine) for our 15 month check up appointment. Caroline is perfectly healthy and developmentally on track. I was a little worried about her verbal development. I need to stop reading those stupid books that tell me what my child needs to be doing! Caroline weighs in at almost 25 pounds and is in the 75-95% for height and weight. Her weight is stabilizing and her height sky rocketed from her 12 month visit trip. We are working on her saying bye bye, she only waves. She has the "b" sound, but just smiles when I want her to say it! The Dr. says that she is just being stubborn! :) We are also going to be putting Caroline into a Kidsplay group two days a week for a few hours in the morning. I wanted to ask her opinion on it and she supported our decision to place her in the group. She said that it would be great for Caroline to get some more socialization skills since basically the only interaction with kids her age are at church once a week. So, we will be starting Kidsplay next week.

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