Monday, August 4, 2008

Visit Trip to My Mom's House

EDITED: For some reason, blogger isn't cooperating and letting me post pictures...check back for pics later! :)

My sister, niece, Caroline and I went to visit my mother's house for a quick visit trip. She lives about 7 to 8 hours away (depending on how many stops you make). We got up before the crack of dawn to leave and made our ritual stop at the Waffle House! :) We had such a great time and enjoyed seeing my aunts and uncles. We also got to see our new blog friend, Chelsea. Caroline instantly took to her and loved playing with her! We only wish that Chelsea lived closer to us! :) We also had a nice dad's best friend stopped by to see us! My dad died when I was thirteen and his best friend really was a HUGE influence in my life. We couldn't have made it without him! As a matter of fact, Tim and I were even going to name our "son" after my father and Joe. Having Caroline meet Joe nbrought back such a flood of emotions. He also happened to see Caroline the same date that my father died, July 26th. July 26th has always been a rough day, but now it holds a slightly different meaning. I'm glad that Caroline got to meet Joe.

My mom and stepdad, Gene, live out in the country. They have a LARGE lot and even have a garden. Caroline loved picking blackberries, peaches, and pears. She also LOVED picking the Japanese beetles off of the roses! My little girl loves insects! How funny!

I didn't take as many pictures as I had wished. I forgot to get my camera out of the bag for the most of the trip. So, enjoy the pictures that I did take.


Ruthanne said...

I can't believe how big she is!! And still as cute as ever. :) I'm so glad she got to meet your friend Joe on that date. It'll be good to have a happy memory for that date.

Chelsea said...

Aww, my little buddy! I miss Caroline!
I have her picture on my desk at school. Lots of kids and teachers comment on how beautiful she is.