Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guess who's trying to use the potty???

CAROLINE!! I can't believe it! I bought her a potty seat right after our Florida trip because she started sneaking in the corners to do her "business". So, I thought she was ready?? Well, after I bought it for her, all she wanted to do was wear the seat around her head! I put it back in the bathroom and "forgot" about it. Last week, she started showing interest in sitting on her potty, so we played the game all day (with the diaper on because it's a pain to take it off and put it on time and time again). Right before bath, she sat down without her diaper on and used the potty! I was SO happy, but thought it was a fluke. Yesterday, she used it twice and clapped after it each time! Last night after her bath, she immediately sat down on it for a few minutes. She got up, looked down in the potty and saw nothing. She sat back down on it and went "pee pee" in the potty! She started clapping and smiling! We all did the "potty dance"! I now have to go get a book on potty training because I have NO IDEA what to do! Stay tuned! :)


Ruthanne said...

You lucky duck!! You have a daughter who's training herself! I'm so jealous.

That's AWESOME!! Keep up the good work, Caroline!!!!

Leah and Maya said...

YEAH!!!! well we are kind of working on it, its hard when we mover around outside so much, I refuse to strap the potty chair on my back to haul it around, but we have had successful pee pee and poop in the potty, maybe this winter when we are stuck in the house.

Stephanie said...

That is great! Emma is the same way. She doesn't like to have a dirty diaper, so she points to her diaper and runs to the bathroom when she needs to go. Sounds like you are very close to pull-ups!