Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

We decided to put Caroline in "school" down the street from our house. We enrolled her for two days a week, but being the first time mom, I didn't realize that parents put their children on "paid hold" until they are old enough to attend. Caroline is on the waiting list to attend the second day, but for now, she only attends on Tuesday mornings. She LOVES it! They have music class, art class, and it is perfect to help her with socialization. The only other time she really gets to be around other children her age is at church once a week. As a former teacher, I feel it is VERY important for children to learn to play and get along well with others. Back to her first day of school....she walked into her classroom and the other children were crying!! Caroline just looked at them and started playing with the toys. During music class, the others were still crying and Caroline was playing with her musical instruments. It was so funny! Today, when I dropped her off, she decided she didn't want to go. She stayed in the hall and started to cry. Her sweet teacher came out and asked her if she wanted to be her "big" helper and put some more toys out. Caroline looked up at her and then at me and grabbed my hand to pull me in the classroom. She then helped her get the toys out and I made a mad dash to the door. I asked the director to see if she was crying or looking lost, but she wasn't! She's such a big girl! I didn't take as many pics as I had planned on, but enjoy the ones I did take!


Debbie said...

Hey girl!

As a preschool teacher, I can completely relate to this post!

I also didn't realize you were not teaching right now.

I think that is really neat that you are staying home with Caroline! What an awesome experience!

Preschool just gets better and better as the days and years progress!

Congrats on a great first day/week of school!

Love you guys! Deb

Ruthanne said...

Aw, what a big girl!!
Are you already a "former teacher"? lol Isn't it weird to look in your backseat and not see her in the carseat? I just can't get used to that during those few times that Andrew is not in the car with me.

Leah and Maya said...

Poor Maya, she will probably get sick of me but not a chance I can leave her to do much of anything unless she's napping. Oh well for now its fine with her. I think I will end up homeschooling, but definetly a preschool co-op once she is older. Do your libraries have story time for kids? Maya loves it and then the kids play afterwards, just a thought of over places she can play with kids.

Chelsea said...

Glad she likes school :)