Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy 16 Month Birthday!

It's hard to believe that Caroline is 16 months old today! It really seems like yesterday that we received her referral picture at a few days old. WOW! How time flies! We are so blessed to have her in our family. Caroline is so sweet and easy going. She loves ALL balls, loves to listen to music and adores the dogs. She is such a tough little cookie and rarely cries when she falls down. She loves playing in the dishwasher and enjoys banging the silverware together! As soon as she spots you, a HUGE smile appears on her face. She can light up a room with just her presence. At church on Sunday, a little old man said "You've cornered the market on cuteness!" We just smiled, because we are so lucky and blessed to have her home. I look at her every day and just thank God that He chose her and brought her home. Happy 16 month old birthday my sweet girl!


Ruthanne said...

SOOOO cute!! Love the boots and the tutu. :)

We DO have the same toys! We have the leap frog magnets on our fridge too. Does yours play this song? "A,b,c,d..a,b,c..a,b,c,d" I never get to hear the whole song. Just the first couple of letters over.and.over.and.over......LOL

Emilio and Alissa said...

She had gottoen so big, it seems like a life time ago that we were on our first visit trips together. I love the tootoo.

Chelsea said...

Caroline is so cute! She looks so precious in the tutu!
She has the most amazing little smile.

Hannah said...

What a doll! Love the tutu and boots. She would get along with my monkey baby just fine!