Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is it 5:00 somewhere?????

Okay folks, we have officially hit the TERRIBLE two's! My sweet, loving, easygoing child has turned demonic! (No, not really, but almost!) I know she's just pushing her boundaries and our limits but our patience is wearing thin. On Tuesday, we went to swim lessons and she decided to do the opposite of what her teacher asked. If her head was supposed to go up, it went down. If legs should be kicking, they went limp. Tuesday night, she decided to not eat. Nope, not a single bite of dinner. BUT, she wanted ice cream! When she didn't get ice cream, she literally fell face first on the hardwood floor and began screaming.
On Wednesday morning, I had tennis about an hour away. Tim was in charge and going to take her to swim lessons for me. However, I took off with both carseats in my car. Tim was stuck all morning with her at home...SCREAMING! She wanted to take crackers into the shower. Tim said no. SCREAMING temper tantrum! Time to take a nap, SCREAMED! I came home and Tim hit the door running! Can you blame him?
Wednesday afternoon, we had a "kinda" play date with another friend of mine. Caroline decided she wanted the toy and proceeded to hit the other little girl in the face. Time out and SCREAMING! I was so embarrassed. Needless to say, we left for home.
Wednesday night, time for dinner. Nope, not eating again. Pushed her plate away (almost dumping it on the floor) and SCREAMED! So, we began to "reason" with her. "If you eat your dinner, you can have some ice cream later." (Actually, more like pleading with her). Did it work? NOPE! So, we decided to get in the car and run a short Dairy Queen. We both ordered ice cream and ate it in front of her. Mean, huh? Did it help? No, not really. But, the crying and screaming did exhaust her and she slept soundly until 8:45 this morning.
Now, today is going much better. She's back to her old self, sweet and charming. She hugs us and kisses us. Caroline is playing with her puzzles (not throwing them), reading her books (not throwing them), and loving on the dogs (not squeezing and hitting them). She even decided herself that it was time for nap and asked to go to bed. Where did my child go this week? Was it a full moon? No, but I do know that when the terribleness hits again (and it will) that it is 5:00 somewhere!!!


Leah and Maya said...

Oh it will come back, it always hits a couple of months after they turn 2. Is she starting to get the next set of molars? thats what throws Maya inot that terrible demon baby. Then they stop moving and we get a flashback of our sweet child we almost forgot about. I have met Joe at the door and said "run run away fast" we've had those days where I can see how kids get abused and all I can do is hope bedtime comes really soon. Really those so much of Maya's comes form the molars, since she only has 1 left now our days have been so much better, of course I'm months ahead of you.

LA girl said...

Bethany, I remember going through this with Savannah. I'll pray for you today.

Thank you for thinking of me with the formula coupons. I would love all of them. I'll email you with my address. The email will come from