Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Publix Drama...Successful Shop

Picture is missing 2 more packs of Aquafina water
My luck with a certain Publix store has finally come to an end. To save you all the drama, on Monday night, I exchanged words with the cashier and the customer service staff, gathered my coupons, and left my groceries which were already bagged at the store. I will NOT be returning to that particular store and will be more than happy to take my business to a Publix store that makes "shopping a pleasure!"

Tonight's experience was totally different. The cashier wasn't really nice but not rude perked up when I handed her 3 McCormick Spice Coupons so she could get some free spice and the customer service lady was super nice when I told her she could order coupons off of Ebay. Shopping was a pleasure tonight! When I was checking out, a mom and daughter (same age as me) were behind me. They kept saying "Wow! Look at her total!" It turns out that she coupons too and was just as excited for me as I was!

Transaction Details:
6- Johnson & Johnson BandAids- $.79 ea (3- $3/2 MQ and 2- $5.00 PQ)= Free+++
4- Reach Floss- $1.49 ea (4- $1.00 MQ and 4- $1.00 PQ)= Free+
5- Apple & Eve Juice- $1.39 ea (5- $.50 MQ doubled and 5- $1.00 PQ)= Free+
2- Tylenol Arthritis- $3.85 ea (2- $2.00 MQ and 2- $2.00 PQ)= Free+
8- NY Croutons- $.75 ea (8- $.50 MQ doubled)= Free+
3- Carefree Panty Liners- $1.39 ea (3- $.50 MQ doubled and 1- $3.00 PQ)= Free+
8- McCormick Grinders- $.99 ea (8- $1.00 MQ)= Free
2- Oscar Mayer Deli Meat- $3.00 ea (1- $1.00/2 MQ)= $5.00
3- Aquafina 24 pack Water- $3.99 ea (no coupon)= $11.97
2- Bush Black Beans- $.43 ea (no coupons)= $.87
1- Milk- $2.00
1- Half & Half- $1.69
4- Goldfish- $1.09 ea (no coupons)= $4.38
Grapes- $2.33
Bananas- $1.13
Total: $109.06
Total OOP: $3.06 ($.20 before tax)


Natasha said...

So sorry to hear what happened and that you will not be shopping at that Publix store anymore.

I went shopping a couple of days ago and bought several things including one J&J floss. The cashier gave me back one of the coupons and said that I could not use both because then they would be giving me money, and they could not do that. (Even though I paid them $15.00). No overages at this store that is so close to my house and will be on the way to Amanda's school in two weeks. :(

I signed up to go to the Southern Saver's coupon class in Gainesville on Aug 28. Even though I now know a lot about couponing, I thought it would still be fun to go. I am sure I will learn something!

Good job on your shopping!

LB said...

well, I'm dying to know which Publix it was. EL? Okay, will these deals be going on long enough that I should try to order some of the juice coupons? I have a few band-aid coupons, but I am thinking of ordering more of those. What do you think? I should probably just call you:)