Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip to the Nature Center

This squirrel was perched on the branch above after his tummy was full from tortilla chips!
Here he is eating bread and chips!
Savannah and Caroline in front of the Bobcats.
Caroline posing in front of the bison and turkeys.
Caroline posing with the "growling" cougar.
Sitting on a wooden croc in the reptile room.
Looking at the turtles and snakes.
Walking to the farm to see the sheep, cows, chickens, and horses.

Riding the trike in the parking lot.
Uh oh!
We went to Dauset Trails Nature Center last week with my sister and niece. Originally, we were headed to High Falls (waterfalls/rocks) for a picnic but the rocks were closed off, so we ventured a bit further down the road. Dauset Trails is located off of I-75 South exit 198 (for those of you who live close) and is FREE! It's similar to a mini zoo and is NOT stroller friendly, so leave them at home or in the car. :)
We had a picnic lunch and the squirrels are just like dogs! They literally beg for food and if you let them, they will probably sit on your table! Savannah freaked out, which made Caroline freak out, which made Christi freak out, so the kids didn't eat their lunch. I'm not sure what the big deal was, we've all seen squirrels before!
The trails were nice and the animals were cool. A few years ago, my class came here for a field trip, but it was much different this time not having to count 20 heads! Caroline loved the bobcats and the cougar. She started growling at the cougar and he started growling back! I'm not sure if it was cute or scary!
We walked to the Farm section and were almost attacked by the chickens, so we didn't stay too long! These chickens were irritated and we happened to be in their path! We quickly looked around and got the heck out of dodge.
After the trails, Caroline rode her tricycle in the parking lot (which was NOT busy) and Savannah rode her scooter. They had so much fun and it was nice to get out of the house.

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Debbie said...

This all takes me back to when Tony and Savannah were under one-year old, and we ventured out to the Yellow River Game Ranch....

The deer were everywhere, and they were licking everyone.

Guess who freaked out? Yep, Savannah and Christi! LOL...

She keep on and on w/the baby wipes, and the rest of us were like, "The are only deer. They want some snacks!"

LOL....hilarious blog...took me right back in time! :)