Friday, July 10, 2009

Swim has come to an end...

Caroline with the assistant swim instructor.

Caroline is in the deeper end diving down for her blocks off the bottom.

Coming up from the bottom and going into a backfloat.

More diving down for blocks. She loves this!

More floating on her back. She can now hold it on her own for about 6 seconds!

Coming back up to the surface after "letting" go...
We had an awesome 4 weeks of swim lessons this summer. I had originally signed Caroline up for 3 weeks, but then hearing how much progress she was making, my mom paid for the last week. Thanks Nana!! Caroline graduated to level 1 in her swimming but since she is too short, she won't be able to go to the next class until next summer. We will continue working with her on her kicking, diving, and swimming. She is now able to dive into 5 feet water to the bottom and retrieve a block and then kick back to the surface. Once she gets to the surface, she then flips onto her back for the "resting" position. Caroline is also able to swim underwater, kicking for several feet. I'm so proud of her hard work! Who knows...we may have a future Olympic swimmer on our hands after all! Hehehehe! Caroline jumped off the diving board today and I was able to snap some pictures, but blogger is not cooperating. So, it will have to be in a different post.

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