Thursday, January 28, 2010

10:55 PM

It's 10:55 PM and I am sitting at my computer, watching Leverage, waiting on my cell phone to beep with tennis scores, rubbing Sportscream on my very tight ankle and calf muscle, eating Ruffles, and listening to Caroline play in her room. Oh, yeah, you read it correctly, Caroline is UP. Our daughter is becoming a late night owl. Her bedtime is 9:00, but Caroline thinks it's okay to 'play' in her room until she decides to fall asleep. Lately, this has been around 11:00. Any ideas as to how to get her to go to sleep any earlier? DON'T tell me to put her to bed at 7:00. I'm not a morning person, so I love her to sleep in a bit.

She's now asleep (11:02) but the coughing has started. The coughing that caused her to be 'dismissed' early from school because of the throw up that follows the cough. The fever has returned and I'm anticipating a rough night ahead...

But, in light of all the stress that is going on right now, I wouldn't trade it for a million bucks! I'll leave you with some Caroline cuteness.


Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

yes, my advice would be to put her to bed earlier. If you miss the sleepy window, she will get her second wind. And contrary to popular belief, I DON'T believe she will wake up earlier. My kids are ALL programmed to wake up at a certain time. Meg is up at 6:45 no MATTER what time she goes to sleep. Connor, 8. Jack, 8. Liam, 9 or 10. It really has nothing to do with what time they go to bed. Jack is old enough now that he sort of puts himself to bed on weekend. He goes to bed anywhere from 9-11:30 and ALWAYS up right around 8. So... I would say put her to bed at 8 and I bet you will see a different result.

But if she's in her room playing, and not calling Mama every five minutes, I would probably be inclined to let it go. That is as long as it doesn't bother you. If my kids stay in their rooms and don't make a horrendous mess, I'm pretty much fine with it because I like to have "my time." :)

Hope that helps, but I know it's not what you were hoping for. But don't take my advice, I've been called a sleep nazi on more than one occasion. I'm a sleep freak and I put everyone but Jack to bed at 7:30. :)

Leah and Maya said...

she is a cutie! no advice hear becasue Maya's bedtime used to be at 7:30pm when she got a nap but then as she got older over 3 years old she wouldn't be able to fall asleep. Now she does not get a nap and we put her to bed at 7 pm and she is almost instantly asleep. Maybe Caroling is outgrowing naps, if she takes them late she will be up late for sure. it took a little time for Maya to adjust and some very unfun weeks becasue she was tired and crabby and even though I would have her read books in her bed for "quiet time" it obviousley wasn't sleep but now its great and she still sleeps her 12-13 hours at night. That same cold is goign around here somehow we havne't gotten it thank goodness.

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Hey, I didn't get a chance to call your mom yesterday. The kids were in and out, neighbors everywhere enjoying the snow, Brian got back from Atlanta, etc. etc. now it's 2:30 AM and I can't sleep worrying about this. I'm just up praying!