Thursday, January 14, 2010

Progresso Soup Giveaway!

My tennis friend, Savvy Deal Diva, is hosting a cool giveaway on her website. She's giving away one can of Progresso High Fiber Minestrone Soup, two Progresso soup mugs, and two spoons! How cool! Hop on over to Savvy Deal Diva's page for five chances to win this awesome Progresso Soup Prize Package!


Greta Jo said...

Hey, my swagbucks are coming in slowly. How are you making out? Maybe I am not searching for the right stuff....

Bethany said...

Hey Greta Jo, my swagbucks are coming in too. I usually earn 1-3 a day by searching random stuff. I search at least 5 'things' in a row, and usually earn a buck. I do it at random times throughout the day (morning, noon, night). A great way to earn swagbucks is to get referrals. So send an email to all your friends and get them to sign up under you. I have now cashed in my fourth $5 Amazon gift card.

Also, become a fan of Swagbucks on Facebook. There are lots of great tips to earn extra bucks.

Hope that helps. :) Hang in there! :)