Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Once again, I am here to apologize for my lack of posting. I promise, promise, promise to be better! Instead of writing everything that's been going on, I thought I would share some stories and some pictures.

Story 1:
We survived the HUGE (note sarcasm) snowstorm of 2010. Here in Georgia we managed to get a dusting of snow. I eagerly woke Caroline up from her sleep to let her play in the falling snow. Hey...don't judge me...it only snows every two years here! ;) You can also tell that we aren't really 'snow friendly' by looking at her wonderful snow outfit we threw together at 10:30 PM.

Caroline was so excited to go outside in the snow and build a snowman. Unfortunately, 1/16th of an inch isn't enough to build one. :(

What is this? This doesn't look like the snow on tv!

Now here's the part where you can judge me. Caroline had been dealing with a cough, runny nose and congestion for several days. It was bad enough for me to call the doctor's office and make an appointment. I am good friends with Caroline's doctor, so there's no need to see anyone else in the office, right? I called on Thursday morning and they had an opening. With another doctor. I politely explained to the nurse that we had only seen Dr. Y and though I'm sure the other doctors are quite nice, we would wait until the next day. The nurse then asked me, "Are you willing to let your child suffer just so she can see Dr. Y?" After I recovered from the slap across the face via telephone, I simply said, "Yes."

So, the snow came and we went outside for about two minutes. At midnight, Caroline woke up coughing. I checked on her, she must have had a broken fever because she was soaked. At 2:30, a blood curling scream (the one that sends you into a full run) woke me up. I met Caroline in the hallway who was having a panic attack. It turns out that she was coughing so much that she threw up. Note to everyone....if you are having coughing fits, blueberries are NOT the best choice for food. Ya'll it was EVERYWHERE! I cleaned her up and brought her to our bed, where Tim was snoring.

At 8:15, the phone rang. It was the nurse telling me that the doctor's office was closed due to the ice storm and I would have to call on Monday for an appointment. SERIOUSLY? Yep, the slap was now leaving a big bruise across my face! So what does one do? I call her doctor on her cell phone and she calls in breathing treatments prescriptions. Oh yeah, you gotta love being friends with a pediatrician!

We just finished up our major breathing treatment medicine and now we are down to two a day. According to Caroline, the medicine is "BAD"!

Story 2:

Apparently I have been feeding our two cats rather well lately. How do I know this? Check out this picture!
If your cats are feeling grateful to their owners, they bring you little sacrfices. This beauty was left at the back door. Needless to say, it stayed here until Tim threw it over the fence.

Story 3:

Caroline is going through the TERRIBLE two's and it has been VERY evident this past week. Let's just say that I know why mothers have mental breakdowns and become frequent visitors to bars! (Just joking!!) Take Exhibit A (picture 1). Who would have thought this sweet, innocent princess would look like this in 2.1 seconds (picture 2) when asked why she made this mess (picture 3).

Picture 1

Picture 3

After a few minutes of pure silence, I realized that Caroline was up to no good! I started walking down the hall to find her quietly closing her door. I must have startled her because she then had a look of terror come over her face. When I opened the door, I found that she had dumped all her clothes (except for her socks/tights) into the floor. Not to mention that she had thrown all her puzzle pieces, babies, wipes, and books all over the room. It looked like a giant tornado had touched down in her room. When asked why she made such a mess? "I dunno know Mommy. Why?"

I have lots more stories from the week, but I'll have to save them until later. I am having difficulty with the spacing and picture importing. But, we have vaseline and liquid hand soap stories later! Get a box of popcorn and come back soon!


Leah and Maya said...

Just wait until she turns 3! she will either be so sweet and you will be over the moon or she will be this child that you will not take out in public, and yes I know that face, arms crossed adn maya alwasy stomps her foot too.
And don't you just love a snoring husband, seriousely!
snowing in her summer hat!

The Family Stone said...

I just loved your post today! I followed you regularly when you were in the adoption process, but lost track when I got pregnant with Charlotte. I think I'll put you on my Google Reader again! She is beautiful and you sound so happy being home with her (tho we still miss you at ELCA!)
Lisa Stone