Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FREE Cheese Nips at WalMart

Currently WalMart has the Nabisco Cheese Nips priced at $1.00. In the 1/24 SS, there is a $1.00/1 MQ (manufacturer coupon) for any Nabisco cracker product. What does this mean? FREE Cheese Nips!!!! I have it on very good authority from my teenage niece that these ARE THE BEST. ;)
I strongly 'dislike' going into WalMart, but I ventured in there today and came home with 17 boxes of Cheese Nips for $.52! Yay! I am donating 15 of them to Caroline's preschool for teacher appreciation week and giving Savannah the other two.


LB said...

sad, I am out of those coupons. Do you think it's too late to order some off e-bay? I am trying to stock up on snacks, meals, etc. before John arrives, so I would love to have several boxes of those in the pantry.

Bethany said...

I don't think so. The price tag wasn't a 'sale' sign, so I'm not sure if they are normally this price. If you are going to do it, I would do it today.

Debbie said...

What the heck? 17 boxes? Girl, are you insane?!

How did you get 17 coupons?

Julie said...

Wow, that's a whole lotta cheese nips for not much mula. Very nice!