Thursday, November 22, 2007

Caroline and Samantha (foster sisters)

Caroline and Samantha (foster sisters)
Heads leaning towards each other
Alejandra (daughter to FM), Caroline, Juliza (FM), Samantha
Our Foster Family and Us (it took 4 pics to finally get this one!)
Aren't I the most adorable baby????

Happy turkey day! We have no news to report from PGN yet. Our facilitator told us that two of his cases are supposed to come out today, he doesn't know which ones and if they are approvals or KO's. We have been praying that one of those cases is ours and it is not a Kick Out! We won't know anything until much later in the day.
On Tuesday night, we celebrated Caroline's foster sister Samantha's 1st birthday at the Marriott. It's really neat to see the two of them together. They are super cute and definitely recognize each other. I bet our foster mom is enjoying her vacation this week! I wonder what she is doing...sleeping and enjoying the peace and quiet!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there,Torrie and I were just checking in to see how everything was going. Torrie said that Caroline looked so cute. It sounds like you guys have had a pretty eventful Thanksgiving. I hope that the poop came. I know how that is. It is so funny how important poop can be. I hope your trip home is good.Take care and we are praying for you all. Love ya, Gayle and Torrie

Anonymous said...

Caroline is so precious. She has a sweet smile. You are in my prayers!