Saturday, November 10, 2007

T-Minus 6 nights (just for a visit) and a very delayed update

It's countdown time! No we are not out of PGN, but we are going to see our little Carolina on Friday! We are so excited! It seems like it's been forever!!! The great thing...Tim's going with me! He hasn't seen her since June and I can't wait for him to see how much she's grown. She's totally going to win over his heart one more time!

I've been a little down lately, no news to report. Thanksgiving is approaching and I am pretty bummed that we don't have our daughter home with us. We were right on track to have her home in November, but for some reason, God had other plans. I know that God's timing is perfect, but I sure would like to know why the beginning of November wasn't the right time???

I've been trying to refrain from calling down to PGN because of the fear of what I may find out. My friend, Becky, whose daughter is in PGN, volunteered to call down there for me. According to PGN, we are on the 2nd reviewer's desk and Laura (PGN lady) thinks that we may be there another 2 weeks before we can go to the director's desk for the final sign off.

I am praying for a Christmas miracle. I would love to have her home before December 25th. I am asking for everyone to please join us in this prayer.

Now for an update on the home front. I am unfortunately still in my aircast. Apparently, my injury isn't healing as quickly as the doctor hoped. Last time I went back, he told me that I had to "baby" my ankle and try to stay off of it as much as possible. However, I guess I am a horrible patient. This past Monday, I went back to the doctor in hopes of getting my aircast off, to find out that I am a HORRIBLE patient! My ligament is not healing and there is still way too much swelling and tenderness around the joints and bones. The dr. said that the bruising around the tallus bone is not gone and I need to wear it for another 3 weeks. I almost started crying! He then proceeded to tell me that if I went on bedrest for the next 10 days, then he would give me a cortizone shot and an ankle brace to wear to Guatemala. However, it's called REALITY, JOBS, AND ADOPTION! Oh, well. I'll see what happens this Wednesday when we go back to the doctor.

My mom finished Caroline's bedding and is now working on the curtains. Caroline's bedroom is looking so cute! We still need to paint, put up plantation blinds, and get one more piece of furniture. Her room has been put a little on hold because of my injury, but it will be finished well before she comes home! I'll post pics of her room later!


Ruthanne said...

YAY!!!! Another visit trip!! Tim is going to LOVE her!!!

Have you thought that maybe God's timing is that she will come home when your leg is healed and you are able to move around and take care of her? GET THAT LEG UP!!!!! Caroline needs to get home!!

Praying for a Christmas miracle....

Diana said...

Your almost there!!!!! If you've made it to the second reviewer then your file must be in good shape! Now get that leg in good shape like Ruthanne said :-) I really hope you have a great visit and you never know maybe you'll get good news while your there hehe I will say a huge prayer that Caroline is home for Christmas.

Take care!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you both are going to visit little Caroline! She is going to be so excited to see her mom and dad. :) Be careful on your trip. Get that leg up!