Friday, November 23, 2007

Still Praying for Our Christmas Miracle

Worth the Wait???
You bet!!! I'm totally worth the wait!!!
Sleeping Beauty
My little Rollie Pollie

Yesterday, our facilitator told us that he knew of two cases coming out of PGN. He wasn't sure whose or the details. Ours wasn't one of them. Now, the good news is...we are still IN PGN and not KO'd. No news really is good news right now. Unfortunately, our friends, the Millers, were one of the cases that were KO'd. Needless to say, Thanksgiving wasn't a joyous time for them. My heart broke for their bad news and my heart is still prepared for the worst for us. I am hoping that since we had such a difficult time with our PA, that the worst is over. Tim had thought that the facilitator told them they were out. I looked at him and I thought he was going to vomit. For the first time during this process, I saw the pain on his face. Someone else's joy was his pain. However, when I told him the facts, he felt really bad for them.

We were looking at windows of opportunity for a possible pick up trip in December. The Marriott is almost completely booked up! We think we may go ahead and make possible reservations for about a three-four week period of time.

Please continue to pray that Caroline comes home before Christmas. I can't bear to think that we won't have her home. My heart actually cannot go down that road. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE join us with this prayer!!!


M & J said...

I LOVE LOVE the rollie pollie picture!! She is too cute for words!!!! Happy Thanksgiving! I am so glad you are there with her and I am praying this very second that you have great news soon!!!

Nancy McGee said...

Hey Bethany,
I am with you on praying for a Christmas miracle. I include you all and other friends I have made in all my prayers. We just want our babies home. I know today will be a tough one having to leave Caroline but next time hopefully we will all be together picking up our babies and bringing them home to the good ole USA.

Ruthanne said...

oh my gosh! I haven't checked in in about a week and I missed so much!!!
I LOVE her!! She's SO cute!!! I hope you hear some good news VERY soon!!!