Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey God, can You hear me????

Dear Lord,

I'm waiting by the phone in excitement and nervousness. Lord, today I'm supposed to call Guatemala to see if we are out. Lord, I just pray right now that you bless our family with good news. I pray in your Son's name that when I make the phone call that I'm only given good news. You tell us to ask for our desires and believe in faith that you will answer them and you will. Lord, I will not accept bad news of any kind. Please calm my fears and nervousness and take them away. Lord, you are Almighty and Powerful. Lord, you can turn your hand and deliver Caroline out of PGN. Lord, you know where her files are and your timing is perfect. Lord, you are Perfect. I trust you and believe in you and you will answer my prayers. Lord, please, please, please answer my prayers tonight. Amen.

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Melissa said...

Father God,
I lift my voice up and testify with Bethany for your answered prayer tonight. We know that you are the author of all life. You alone have made Tim and Bethany Caroline's parents. And so tonight I pray for them a strong conformation of this gift of parenthood. I pray that you have cleared the pathway home for sweet Caroline.
In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I lift this up to you, Amen.