Saturday, May 9, 2009

Caroline's 2nd Birthday Party

My dear friend, Melissa and her boys came to the party. Melissa knows that I definitely have
a girly girl on my hands, so they gave her sunglasses, a cell phone, purse, and lip gloss and
finger nail polish. She ADORED this gift!!

I decided to bake Caroline's cake for her this year. So, I got on Betty Crocker's website to
find a cute idea. WOW, BC made this cake look super easy and it WAS NOT! I think I'll
stick to buying her cakes from now! Anyway, in case you can't tell, I made a pair of flip

We are singing Happy Birthday to her. She loved being the center of attention!

We had to sing Happy Birthday again because she loved it so much!

I love the next few pictures because Caroline was really trying to blow out her
candle. She was so cute!

Enjoying her cake and ice cream

So sweet and sugary!

My sister and her family got Caroline this adorable tricycle. She was so excited and LOVES
it! It was definitely her favorite gift!

Caroline's opening up her Weebleville toy. She really likes this one too.


Leah and Maya said...

Happy Birthday!!!! come on now the cake looks great! its way better to have a hand made cake then a stu*** ( I don't like that word but its true) next year she will probably want to pick what it is. I made a Carousel icecream cake, and although it had its issues she was 2 so who cares. Yea! number 2!!!!!

Tutti said...

the cake is adorable!

Eva said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!
You have a BEAUTIFUL baby! + she is guatemalan! = she's Perfect!