Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's in store for the week?

We are so excited about this upcoming week. Nana is coming to town! She arrives on Sunday and will be here for a few weeks. We've been talking about Nana coming to town and Caroline has been waking up asking for her "Nana". She doesn't say many words, but this is one she has nailed down! :)

On Monday, Tim and I are playing in a tennis tournament (not with each other). Tennis is huge in our family and I can't wait to enroll Caroline in a tennis camp. Tim surprised her and bought her her very own racquet. It came in the mail and she LOVED it! We took her to our courts and she just walked around with it, hitting the balls like golf balls...hmmmm...we've got some work to do!

We will also be enrolling in swimming lessons. Caroline loves the water, and since we live on a lake and basically live in the pool, it's time. I have no idea how much "learning" will go on, but it will be cute!

We may also go to the beach next week with Nana. A couple of things will have to happen for this trip to take place. One, I am currently in first place in my tennis league and if I finish first, then I will make it to the tournament draw. Tournament or beach?? Ask me tomorrow! Two, it also depends on how much work I can get finished and if I can reschedule tutoring students around.

Lots of great deals at Publix and CVS are happening. I haven't been CVSing in a while, so it will be refreshing to get lots of toiletries for next to nothing! Gotta love great deals!!

What does your week have in store?

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LA girl said...

I vote for the beach! Make sure you stop by Publix to get all of that free meat to take to the beach!