Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kroger Wins By A Landslide!!!

I have had 2 amazing grocery shops this week! Publix stole my heart yesterday (I didn't write about it because I was too tired to take a pic). Amazing trip with lots of overage and free stuff!
But....tonight, Kroger won by a landslide! My mom and I went to purchase some free rice, Glucerna cereal, Dial handsoap, and some super cheap Organic juice, but came home with lots more! Here's the deal...we stumbled across a tearpad of coupons for $3.00 off any pork purchase, no beer purchase necessary. WOW! FREE MEAT!!!!!
Transaction Lowdown:
18- Mahatma Rice Bags---FREE (coupons)
5- Pillsbury German Chocolate Cake Mix--56 cents each (close out price)
3- Betty Crocker Brownie Mix--30 cents each (coupons)
4- Dial Hand Soap- 30 cents each (coupons)
1- Active Lifestyle Bread- 89 cents each (marked down from $1.89)
2- Natra Taste Sweetner- $1.34
1- Oregon Chai Latte Mix- $3.49 (was $4.59)
9- Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade- $2.99 (BOGO and coupons)
12- Vitamin Water- FREE (coupons)
1- gallon Milk
1- 1lb Grapes
1- 5lb bag of Potatoes
1- Sour Cream
1- Hashbrowns
4- Oikos Greek Organic Yogurt ($1.00)
1- Earth's Best Organic Milk Pack of 3- $1.39 (was $2.87)
19- Packs of Pork Chops, Ribs, and Sausage

Total OOP: $33.12
Total Saved: $175.33
So, between my two grocery shopping trips, I spent a total of $40! Right at my weekly budget!! Can't beat the great deals!!!


Stephanie said...

WOW! What a great trip! You must fill me in on where you found the tear pad. In the beer aisle? Congrats on all the great deals!

Tutti said...

you are one crazy and INSPIRING couponer!

Debbie said...

Two words: Holy Cow!

Hey, I am out of work now....when can we meet???