Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taking time to smell the flowers

Today was Caroline's first day in her new Sunday School class. She is now longer in the "walkers" class. It was bittersweet because it means that my baby is becoming a big girl. :( Caroline had a great time in her new class.
I took Caroline outside in the backyard to take some pictures of her. I need to remember to take her picture more when she's dressed up. By the time we get home from church, we are running like crazy to eat lunch, get to tennis matches, and take naps. I am a bit sad to see how "growny" this dress made her look. It almost makes me want to sell this dress and put back on her usual smocked dresses...
I am super excited because I won a photography session at Tim's tennis tournament. I have been "bidding" on these and FINALLY won! I can't wait to have Caroline's portrait made. Now...time to go shopping!!! Yay that Nana is still here!!!

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