Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Deal on Spray n' Wash at Publix

If you are like my family, we get TONS of 'junk' on our clothes. We go through so much stain remover, that I should seriously buy stock in some of the companies! This upcoming week at Publix (sale starts on May27th or 28th, depending on your area) Spray n' Wash stain remover will be BOGO. What does this mean? CHEAP! Use the 50 cent coupon found in the 5/3 SS insert, and you will pay about 20 cents a bottle. If you don't have enough coupons or don't have any, try buying them on Ebay. I just checked and you can buy around 20 of them for about $1.00 total. I have bought coupons on Ebay in the past and haven't had any trouble, just remember to check their ratings. If you are afraid of not getting them in time, simply get a raincheck. Works like a charm!!

Last time this went on sale, I bought 4 or 5 and I almost finished with my last bottle. STOCK UP time!!!

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