Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Entering PGN

Today, we have good news! We entered PGN!!! YEA!! PGN is the last step in the Guatemalan system that separates us from Caroline. It's basically the attorney general's desk. It consists of three reviewers and then gets the final sign off from the director. Supposedly, they are pushing cases through to get families out before the holidays. Keep your fingers crossed, but more importantly say your prayers! Please be in prayer for a speedy PGN process so we can bring Caroline home around Thanksgiving. We would love to have her home before the holidays so we can show her off to our families! The Lord has blessed us with Caroline and we know that His hands are guiding our process. Again, please continue to say your prayers for a quick homecoming and to continue to keep Caroline safe and healthy.


Sharon & Bill said...

Congratulations! Welcome to PGN!! I hope your stay is short and sweet!

Becky & David said...

Congratulations Bethany and Tim! May Barrios be in a good mood and let you out quickly! ;)

Stacy said...

Bethany, every time I reply to your emails they get returend to me as spam. I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you, I'm trying to email you, really!

Yes, I can still do the small twisted, just order the basic small and let me know in the comments section that you'd like the twisted ones.


Nancy McGee said...

Congratulations I hope we will soon be able to join you in PGN. I hope we are all down there together to pick up our babies at the same time. I think Caroline looks cute in orange but maybe I am a little partial to that color.
GO VOLS!!!!!