Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy 6 month Birthday!

Thank you so much for giving us our little girl. We love her so much and feel so honored that You chose us to be her parents. You have given us an amazing responsibility! We are so excited to be able to tell her of You and Your awesomeness! Lord, we pray that You protect our little girl and keep a close watch on her. We pray that she continues to be healthy and happy and most importantly, loved by her foster family. Lord, we know that Your plans are perfect and You will deliver Caroline to us when Your time is right. Lord, You also said to ask and let You know our desires of our hearts. Our desire, Lord, is that You bring Caroline home before the holidays. Lord, we ask that You lay a pressing desire on each of the reviewer's hearts and minds. We ask that each reviewer be drawn to our file, as if a flashing light and alarm is going off. Lord, please continue to give our hearts peace and take away the anxiousness that we are feeling. Lord, we trust You and love You and give You all the praise and glory.


Greta Jo said...

What a beautiful post!

God Bless.
Greta Jo

Nancy McGee said...

I hear ya Bethany. They are so far away and we are missing so much. I have had a rough couple of days but i am feeling much better today. I just love your blog. Doesn't look like we are going to make it down for Thanksgiving but we will be there for Christmas hopefully on a pick up trip but if not I doubt I will come home unless I have Isaac with me. I will continue to pray for you and you do the same for me. Got my burp cloths finished yet?