Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Pics to Brighten Up the Day

I thought I would post some new pics of Caroline to brighten my day. I'm having a sad day and feeling a bit down. I'm sad because I miss her SO much. I'm also sad because of the weather. The weather you ask??? Yes, the weather. It's an incredible fall day outside and I would love to have Caroline home so that we could take her to the park. Of course, I couldn't walk with her, but Tim could push both of us in our chairs/stroller and we could just enjoy being with her. Fall is quickly approaching and this just means that's one more season we don't have with her. Please continue to pray that we can bring Caroline home as soon as possible. We need her home, our home, our lives, and most importantly, our hearts are missing a piece!

Aren't these the most adorable slippers? Caroline loved wearing them!
Hey Daddy! Come see me soon!
Please don't make me wear this! I look horrible in orange!!!! (I bleed blue!)
Mommy and Me
What is on my feet?????


Anonymous said...

What a great picture of you and Caroline! You can see the love you two share :) I pray that Caroline comes home soon!

Katie said...

What a precious baby she is !!!

Lou said...

Caroline has grown SO MUCH!!! She is just so precious....You are doing great in the clothing dept! FABULOUS! Now, if we could just have her in something MONOGRAMMED! I am praying that you get fabulous news SOON!
love to you all,,,,,

Ruthanne said...

LOOOOOOOOOVE the picture of the two of you together---you are GLOWING!!! She is a beautiful little girl---I'm praying she's home SOON!!