Monday, October 22, 2007

Very FUNNY and yet, humiliating!

Okay, so my dear friend, Becky is in Guatemala this week. I sent a package down to the fostermom because she said she was nearly out of cameras (YIKES!), batteries, and would like some Aveeno bath stuff. So, Tim and I go shopping for some goodies and Becky volunteered to deliver it for us. Well...Becky's husband called this afternoon saying that she is having difficulty with the phone lines and can't get through to the FM. What does she want me to do with the package?

Now, I think I know Spanish, so I decide to call the FM to speak to her. HOWEVER, my spanish isn't so hot! I spend 6 frustrating minutes with her husband trying to get him to speak English and he's trying to get me to speak Spanish. I understand the language much better than I speak it, but NOT TODAY! Tonight, I managed to frustrate us both!

I call my friend, Aneth, who is the spanish teacher at our school, for help. She tells me how to say that "I have a package at the Marriott for you and so on..." What happens if he starts asking me questions, I say. "Don't worry because you've said 'hablo muy poco espanol.'" Well, evidently, I sounded pretty convincing because he starts speaking 90 miles a minute! I just kept saying "pardone and no comprehende". SO....who knows if he'll give the FM the message and if she'll get the package! Oh, much for my future in teaching Caroline to speak Spanish! LOL!!!

Oh yeah, I also told him that we would like for him, his wife, and daughter to come eat dinner wtih us at the Marriott in November. However, I "think" that I told him that I wanted all his money!!! Oops! He started laughing and said yes, yes! Do you think he understood??? :)

Just a funny moment in the life and journey of our adoption of our little Carolina!!!


Becky & David said...

You are too funny!! You must have done pretty well because she came about 30 minutes ago to pick up the package. She is coming back tonight with the cameras. ;)

Ruthanne said...

That's hilarious. I wonder if they'll bring all their money when they come for dinner?!? :)
I managed to say "Cut?" and make scissor motions on Andrew's hair to my FM to which she smiled really big and shook her head yes. That was the extent of our communication.

M & J said...

That is so funny!!! It is amazing how hard it is to communicate over the phone with the FF. I was always making gestures while on the phone like the could see me! Glad you were able to send down a package!

Praying her home!!!

Greta Jo said...

LoL, Great story.

Daniel and Tina said...


It was so nice meeting you the other day at ELCA. Your daughter is beautiful. I don't want to keep you, I just wanted to write to let you know that you are still in our thoughts and prayers.

God is in control!!

Much love,
Tina (missionary to Irian Jaya)

Stephanie said...

Hey Bethany!

Looking forward to reading that you got your big OUT of the PGN. It is going to be so soon, and you'll be picking up your little princess! I hope you are doing well. You're in my prayers.

Steph McAuley