Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monogrammed Caroline--For Lou!!!

Hey Lou!! You suggested that I get Caroline some monogrammed clothes, is this what you were talking about? I also have the monogrammed pillowcase dress that my mom makes. Wait until you see the stuff I have for her at home! We definitely need to get these two southern belles together!

Also, if anyone sees anything they like, I am making and selling custom made burp cloths, bibs, onsies, and pillowcase dresses. If you want to see ribbon choices, just send me an email and I can hook you up! bethany.rose@eagleslanding.org


Lou said...

PUUURRRRRFect!!!! She looks AMAZING! I absolutely love that onesie with the C on it. DIVINE. BTW, AP has that same burp cloth! Great minds thing alike. Thanks for humoring me! Now..... how about a smocked parade?? Pics of Caroline ALL in smocked dresses???

M & J said...

I love the onesie with the C on it!!!! So cute!!!! Allllmost makes me want a girl... Good thing I have lots of friends with girls that I can buy for!!!

Have a great weekend!!