Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I was so excited about this week's sale at Walgreens that I couldn't sleep Saturday night. I woke up and was at the 24 hour Wags Store at 5:30 to purchase the Breeze2 glucose monitors. They were FREE but they were spitting out $10 Register Rewards! The Ecotrin (aspirin) was also free and were spitting out $2.00 RR.

I went to 4 different Walgreens and brought home:
11- Ecotrin- $2.00-$2.00 MQ= FREE plus $2.00 RR each
2- Dentek flossers- $2.99 BOGO- (2) $1.00 MQ= 45 cents each
1- Bic Soleil Razor Set- $4.99- $3.00 MQ=$1.99 plus $1.00 RR
13- Breeze2 Glucose Monitors- $10.00- (13) $10.00 MQ= FREE plus $10 RR each

Total OOP: $3.92
BUT: $163 in Register Rewards

My local Publix accepts the RR's, so I am looking at $163 in FREE groceries!!! That's a month of my grocery budget!! WAAHHHHOOOOO!!! Thank you Wags!!!


Stephanie said...

Now that is amazing! I don't think we have RR around here. How cool is that? Way to go!

LB said...

that's incredible, Bethany!!

Will you be around tomorrow? If so, I will probably call you in the morning and run that 10.00 by. Again, so sorry that I shortchanged you:)