Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Caroline's Pumpkin Art Project

Last week, I posted on how I was going to be implementing a new schedule for us at home. I haven't written lesson plans for this week, but we did make a craft and do a cooking project today. What did we do? For the craft project, I "borrowed" the awesome Pumpkin Art Project from Montessori Journey and adapted (not much) it to fit Caroline's needs.

Here's Caroline tearing the strips into squares

sorry for the dark pictures?? After tearing the paper, Caroline placed into the bucket

Caroline's gluing the torn paper onto the pumpkin

After gluing, she pulled the pipe cleaner through the hole for the vine

Admiring her finished masterpiece!

I loved doing this craft with Caroline today and she loved it too! In fact, while I was preparing for the cooking craft, she wanted to tear more paper and glue it on paper. She's so proud of her tearing project that she wanted it on the fridge.

The cooking project consisted of making orange jello. I wanted to make pumpkin jello jigglers, but misread the directions (yes, misread the jello box directions...that is why I am honest about my non-cooking talents) and had to adapt my plan. I decided to pour the jello into dessert glasses, but then realized that mine are vintage. I might actually cry if she broke one...so we once again adapted the plan. I won these glasses at a tennis tournament raffle drawing, so I washed off the dust and poured away.

I then set them in the fridge to firm. After dinner, we will add some cool whip and chocolate chips to make a Jack-O-Lantern. I have a third one for Tim, but it is in a random glass that doesn't match. LOL! I think he'll forgive us. :)

Was today successful? Absolutely! It gave both of us something to look forward to and it kept Caroline from being so bored at home. It was super easy to gather the materials for the craft. (I basically have a school store upstairs) but even if you don't, you probably have these materials in your house. I also pulled some "special" books off the shelves upstairs to read. Caroline loved having Mommy's "special" books read to her. And yes, if you are wondering...I LOVE smocked clothes and yes, we do play in them. Hey...we live in the South!


Gardenia said...

great craft and baking/cooking ideas. Caroline had fun, you can tell. wear those pretty smocks all the time -- we are in winter coats up north here.

Tammy said...

I was so laughing about the dress...because I do the same thing and get so much slack. Then, I saw that you mentioned it at the end and cracked up laughing even harder! C. is getting where she doesn't like them anymore! 3 year olds have a say about everything it seems! Oh, well, I think she should where them forever...well do they make them for teenagers!?:) I saw a class to make smocked dresses in Griffin! I would LOVE to learn how?!