Thursday, October 8, 2009

My One Cent Publix Shop!

This week's sale at Publix almost passed me by! Yikes!!! I was so busy trying to find the Red Cowboy Boots (which are coming from New Jersey), picking up my "extras" at my first consignment sale, finishing up some orders, and finding lots of decorating blogs, that I didn't even realize it was Wednesday! The ad will be changing tomorrow! So, while Caroline was napping today, I pulled out my coupons and waited for her to wake up.

Transaction Details:
9- Chex Mix $1.66 ea- (9- $.50 MQ doubled and 9- $1.00 TQ)= Free+++
1- Muir Glen $.89 ea- (1- $1.00 MQ)= Free+
18- Pillsbury Biscuits/Rolls $1.00 ea- (6- $1.00 MQ, 6- $.50/2 MQ and 18- $1.00 wyb Progresso)=
18- Progresso Soup $1.25 ea- (9- $.50/2 MQ doubled)=
4- Publix Reusable Bags $.99 ea- (4- Free PQ wyb General Mills)= Free
1- Milk- $2.49
1- Crunchpak Apples- $1.88
1- Sugar- $1.15
Bananas- $.48
Grapes- $.94
Pepper- $.02
Pepper- $.03
Green Beans- $.04

Used: $5/$25 Competitor Coupon AND $3.00/$30.00 Publix Coupon

Total: $105.45

OOP: $.01


Debbie said...

You are KILLING me with these shopping trips!

Sometimes I read your stuff and wonder where you find the coupons and match-ups!!!

I mean, I don't think I read about the Progresso soups anywhere...

Earthy Mama said...

GREAT SHOP!! I am so glad you were able to get the Progresso/Pillsbury deal! I had to get a raincheck on both items as they were both all sold out. :(

Tammy said...

I just can't master the overages! I'm just need to post before the sale ends so I can take notes!:) Easier said than done with little ones! I went twice this week and still you blow me away!!
The five off twenty that CVS? I have a few of those...can I use that at Publix. If yes, oh wow...If yes, is that the total before coupons.
Thanks oh, master, coupon wizard!

Bethany said... are too funny! I read about it somewhere, probably on I heart Publix blog?? Tim was actually excited about this buy! LOL!

Brandy...thanks! I was excited about it too, but now I wish that I had gotten a raincheck for the soup. They were out of some vegetable flavors and they ran out of the bags. I got a raincheck for the pillsbury, but totally forgot!!! Aaahhh, the joys of couponing! Ha!

Tammy...the store at Eagle's Landing doesn't accept Target, Rite Aid, CVS, and sometimes has issues with Walgreens. I do most of my shopping at the Lake Dow store because they accept the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon. I'll send you the link to it. I always hand this one over first before all the other coupons. I must have heard your request thoughts because I did a post scheduled to post today on my shopping list! LOL!

LA girl said...

Bethany, this was such a great shop. Maybe you should take over the ilovepublix blog. Whaddya think?