Friday, October 9, 2009

Looks like a slow week at Publix

Am I the only one that thinks this week at Publix is a slow week for awesome sales? I do plan on buying a few things that are a great deal, but overall...not such a great week. This is my buy list:
  • Luigi's Real Italian Ice- After coupons= $.50
  • Betty Crocker Potatoes- After coupons= FREE (internet Q's) Don't forget to use your Q for a free Publix reusable bag wyb 2 products from General Mills (expires 10/11)
  • Swanson Broth- After coupons= About $.90
  • Knorr Sides- After coupons= Free+++ (I only have one Q)
  • Red Baron Pizza-After coupons= $1.90

So, not a great week, but it will help add to my stockpile. Since there aren't really any moneymakers out there, my total will be higher than usual. I'll just buy a couple boxes of the Luigi's, about 6 potatoes, 1 or 2 broth, 1 Knorr side, and 1 pizza.

What do you see at Publix that interests you?


Natasha said...

My list looks just like yours! Bummer...

Kari said...

just found your blog and wanted to say hello and go cats! and your daughter is gorgeous :)

Tammy said...

I love the way you posted these...then, i can see if I missed anything! My list looks the same. I am buying the organic milk...with a coupon. Organic stuff is never on sale so I was excited abou that. I plan on getting a couple dole fruit for my girls! I think they're BOGO and have coupons. How do you get six coupons of potatoes? It'll only let me do a couple.

You are great motivation...thanks for sharing your couponing talents! It saves my family so much money...and it has become a fun, new hobby!