Thursday, October 22, 2009

Publix Shop....Delayed

I'm sorry for the delay in posting my Publix shop, but I have been super busy this week. In fact, I barely made it to the store before the sale ended. I didn't have an incredible shop (such as going into the negatives), but I am choosing to be optimistic and see this shop as an example to others. It proves that you CAN save lots of money and still NOT have to be extreme.

Transaction Details:

8- Johnson & Johnson Bandaids $.79 ea- (4- $3.00/2 MQ)= FREE+++++
2- Muir Glen Tomato Sauce $.89 ea- (2- $1.00 MQ)= FREE+
12- Birds Eye Vegetables $.89 ea- (12- $.50 MQ doubled)= FREE+++
4- Reach Dental Floss $1.49 ea- (4- $1.00 PQ and 4- $1.00 MQ)= FREE++++

6- Arm & Hammer Toothpaste $1.50 ea- (3- $3.00/2 MQ)= FREE

8- Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta $.89 ea- (4- $1.00/2 MQ)=
8- Progresso Bread Crumbs $.97 ea- (4- $1.00/2 MQ)=
4- Eight O'Clock Coffee $2.50 ea- (2- $2.00/2 MQ)=
4- Krusteaz Pancake Mix $1.09 ea- (4- $.50 MQ doubled)= $.09 ea
1- Marzetti's Veggie Dip $1.75 ea- (1- $1.00 MQ)= $.75
2- Old El Paso Seasoning $.53 ea- ($.60/2 MQ)=
1- Starkist Tuna 4 pack $3.15
2- Eggs $1.19 ea- (1- BOGO MQ)
1- Publix 2lb Carrots $2.49
1- Sugar $2.39
3- Dasani Water $3.99 ea
1- Vegetable Stir Fry- $1.00
1- Broccoli/Cauliflour Mix- $1.00
1- Milk $2.49
2- Half & Half $.79 ea
Bananas $.79
Grapes $1.06

Total OOP: $24.05

Total Saved: $137.36

*Note: I bought more pasta than normal because this is considered my rockbottom price. It is also whole wheat and I am transitioning into this.

*Note: I also decided to stockpile on bread crumbs. I didn't have any in my pantry, so this is enough to last a LONG time!

*Note: We are limiting our bottled water intake, so I am hoping that by buying three cases, it will last us a while. I am only going to drink the bottled water when I am in the car, at the gym, or at tennis. I am desperately trying to train my body (my brain!) that the filtered water tastes the same.

*Note: My coffee stockpile was getting low, though not depleted. I like this coffee and feel it is a great deal for my family. I now have enough coffee to last about 9 months.

In my opinion, you have to buy what is best for your family. I bought what we needed now, replenished my stockpile, and started/ended a stockpile item. Since I didn't buy much fruit, I will go to Kroger and buy a fresh fruit tray on manager's special. Our Kroger marks the fruit trays down super cheap and it lasts us about a week.


Tammy said...

Every week, I think I do well, then you BLOW me away! How many papers do you get a week?

You just did just wonderful!

Bethany said...

Thanks Tammy! You are too sweet! I usually buy 4 papers a week. Last week, I was in the city on Sunday morning for a tennis match, so I bought 5 papers off the street corner for $5! ;) Most of the coupons that I used in this past week's shop were internet printables.