Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pottery Barn and Budget??

I know what you're thinking...Pottery Barn and budget in the same sentence? Can this be done? Yes, it can!! As I posted earlier, I am getting the itch to decorate for fall. Besides the fact that I tend to get really overwhelmed with decorating (big ideas but not enough time...); there's this thing called a BUDGET. I have somehow stumbled upon decorating blogs (beware: you will get addicted and waste LOTS of time) and found this one that I am LOVING! I was inspired by the simplicity of this project and the fact that she did it on a budget!

Pottery Barn Kids

Lindsay shows in this post how to create your own "build a pumpkin" kit for very little money. It is so simple that I plan on doing it! I also found some other great websites that show how to decorate for the holidays on a budget. I will post more of these later this week. For now, go to your nearest craft store to purchase your materials and get busy! I can't wait to hear from you guys if you tried it or not. I'll be posting pictures of my finished product, so stay tuned!

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Gardenia said...

hi thanks for stopping by. nice to meet you. your girlie girl is beautiful. I love her name. so are you a stockpiler ? I've read a little about stockpiling on other blog and it seems really awesome. what is the term OOP? (see I don't know much about it). I buy those veggie bags too and also get the ones that are rice with veggies in them. my daughter loves those. I also love love crafting. those pumpkins are adorable. I am dying to get to Michael's craft store to browse through the aisles and get some ideas for fall. in a day or two I'll be posting a Fall/Halloween wreath I made, so I'd love it if you stopped by again. I look forward to reading your blog. your mother is so talented. that bo peep costume is lovely. my mom was a seemstress when I was a child -- I wonder if she'd like to pull out the sewing machine now in her retirement years!