Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Caroline's Artist Debut

Caroline's preschool had an Art Show on April 23rd and Caroline's artwork was proudly displayed in the halls. I honestly had no idea what to expect....'grand' does not even begin to describe it! If you aren't family, then you might just want to skip over this entry as it might be quite boring for you. LOL! Really, it won't hurt my feelings. :)

Here's a brief summary of the artwork. Each teacher does a 'special' piece of art each month. She holds it back and the parents don't see it until the big reveal. Each of Caroline's artwork is mainly her own work with some assistance from the teacher. It is NOT teacher finished and this is evident because it is NOT perfect. I cannot stand for a teacher to do the child's art for them...what makes that special? Nothing! Caroline is quite artistic and loves doing art. She loves painting and her fine motor skills are quite exceptional! I know...I'm quite lucky and I'm not just bragging! ;)

Caroline posing in front of her "Bug on a Rug" picture
Caroline and Papa posing in front of the zoo display! Papa hates to have his picture made, but oh, well!! LOL!

Caroline's tiny thumb prints made this beautiful artwork!

Bug on a Rug
Owl Puppet and Baby Owls

Did you hear??? Caroline walked on the moon!!!

Frogs on a Log

Not Caroline's artwork, but mine!! I had my class make the cattails for the pond mural! I love how they turned out!

Caroline's Footprint Dragonfly

Handprint Farm Animals

Prancing Penguin

I love the fingerpainted tree and the handprint turkey! Caroline also told me how she glued all the leaves.

Caroline's "Little Cloud" artwork...can you guess what it is?

This is the Crocodile Pond...isn't it great? I loved how Caroline painted and put together her crocodile perfectly! She's so meticulous and knows exactly what she wants to do! Her tadpoles are even 2 by 2!

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Leah and Maya said...

I lvoe all the idea's I just got for doing some more handprint crafts! love craft idea's.