Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did I say a schedule???

I just realized that I told you I was going to post our new schedule. Well...I don't have a written schedule like I had envisioned but I am keeping Caroline VERY BUSY with various activities. I have seen quite a difference in her since I've limited the television, put down the computer, and set a kitchen timer (thanks LB!).

Some of the activities that we have been doing include: cleaning, folding clothes, putting away laundry, and cooking. Yes, I have given her chores to help keep her busy. Caroline has also been playing more independently with her dolls, puzzles, and other toys. It's been quite nice! As far as other activities, we've been going to swim lessons, playing in our pool, having playdates, and doing some crafts.

The battle of the bath has been won, though some nights are much easier than others. The constant snacking has been haulted, and bedtime has been easier. LB suggested that I use a timer for a 5 minute warning before bed and it has been very effective!!! Thanks LB!

I guess my new battle is that Caroline is obsessed with changing clothes. So much so that she has taught herself to correctly put on her shirts, shorts, underwear, and shoes. The problem that I face is that she doesn't fold and put them back in the drawers! LOL! But, I can handle that since she is learning a life skill. ;)

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Gardenia said...

love your blog header. glad to hear your little princess is doing better. we have snacking issues and bedtime issues here too. that timer idea sounds great.