Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swim Lessons Part 1

Caroline started her swim lessons again this summer. I must say that she is awesome! She's such a waterbaby and LOVES swimming. Last summer, she graduated from Waterbabies/Toddler Time to Level 1, but she wasn't tall enough, lol! So this year, I put her in one week of the toddler time to get her adjusted back to the water. After the first day, she was ready to go into level 1!!! But, being the slacker/ADD mom that I sometimes am, I forgot to sign up in advance for the next week's level 1 class, so we are having to take off a week. :( But, her teacher showed me some techniques to work with her on at our pool and I must say...she's rockin'! She's still able to dive down and retrieve blocks/toys off the bottom of the 5 feet, she swims under the water, and can still float on her back. We are working on swimming above the water with her face in the water. At first, Caroline was unsure about me letting go of her for to her to independently swim, but she's doing much better. She's almost able to do it by herself after a few days of me working with her. Who knows, maybe she won't go to college on a tennis or softball scholarship; perhaps it's a swim scholarship!!! LOL!!

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Leah and Maya said...

how cool! my grandparents are moving this summer and they will ahve a pool, we won't get over there very often since its not to close but still it will be fun, but I can't swim worth anything so I don't think I should be Maya's instructor. Ah well at least I'm free for now will have to put her in real swim lessons.