Friday, June 4, 2010

Zoo Atlanta Trip #1

We bought season passes to the Atlanta Zoo (awesome deal...14 months with unlimited passes for 2 adults and 4 children). Caroline and I went on Memorial Day and she LOVED it! The last time we went to the zoo was in Guatemala and it was quite different. The animals were much closer and the ice cream was much cheaper! LOL! I found a $10 bill as soon as we walked in, so it meant FREE ice cream!
Caroline's favorite thing was the 'map'. She was so adorable with it! She mapped out what she wanted to see and then would find it on the map when we stopped at the various animals. She's definitely our daughter (our parents used to keep us busy in the car by giving us maps!).
We went to see the Panda Bears and this one was so cute! He kept looking at us from the glass and probably thinking...'whatcha looking at? You guys are the 'show', not me!'!! Caroline loved the pandas! She can still tell you they are from China and they eat bamboo! Great teaching moment.

They have a great petting zoo for children. However, Caroline was NOT impressed! Actually, she was quite disgusted by all the animals and didn't want to touch anything!
Can you believe that this pot belly pig is exactly what I used to want as a pet? I even researched how to take care of them years ago. The only reason I didn't get one is because they supposedly can open your fridge so you have to put chains on it! LOL!

Not even the funny goat on the rocks got Caroline to smile...

This is EXACTLY how she looked the entire time we were in the petting zoo!

Devouring her free strawberry ice cream!! Yummy!

We stopped to watch the monkeys while Caroline was eating her ice cream. This little guys was hilarious! He jumped onto the fence and just watched Caroline eat. It was a bit freaky and funny!

Forcing a smile for me next to the gorilla statue!

There was a baby gorilla (week old) and it was so cute! Funny story....I have never stopped and watched the socialization of gorillas. The mom was breast feeding the baby and the father was watching with loving eyes. All of a sudden, the 'relatives' came and started gushing over the baby. They literally patted the father on the back and I was waiting for the cigars to be passed out! LOL! The 'relatives' then tried to hold the baby, but the mom was having no part of that. She took off running and they began to follow her. The father stood up and held out his hand (picture stop sign) and they all stopped. CRAZY!!! It was like watching a human family interact with each other. I'm sure Caroline didn't pick up on it, but it was very cool to watch.

This gorilla was cracking us up! He took his food bowl and put it on top of his head and then just stared at us. When we started laughing, he took it off and began to 'hug it'. Too funny!

Caroline decided she wanted to 'ride' a giraffe. LOL!

We also got to see the baby warthogs. Caroline thought they were cute! A family standing beside us were looking at them and speaking in a different language. But the mom said in broken English to her husband "What are they?" He shrugged his shoulders. Caroline then asked me, "Mommy, what are they again?" I replied, "warthogs". She then tapped the mother on the shoulder and said, "Those are called warthogs." I thought it was so cute! She's no longer my shy girl!

We loved the meerkats! They were so cute and playful! We got to watch them being weighed and fed special snacks. This one is funny because he kept imitating Caroline! Look closely and you can see one laying on his back. It reminded us of our dog, Peanut!


Leah and Maya said...

she is so cute, but nothing is better then the look in the petting zoo, just cracked me up!

Tammy said...

Charlotte got "zoo" pass money from her grandparents for her Bday but we haven't signed up for them yet! I wanted to wait until we were going and get the most bang for our buck!:) This definitely made me want to go now! We used to have passes every year before Sarah came along...they have great activities during halloween like boo at the zoo and wild child much fun! Was it very crowded? Love her pic with that attitude!