Friday, June 11, 2010

Zoo Atlanta Trip #2

Caroline and Savannah in front of the flamingos

Once again, not impressed with the petting zoo!
Definitely NOT impressed!
Once I gave Caroline a brush for the animals, she was semi-okay with the petting zoo. She kept telling me the animals were dirty and didn't want to touch them!

She brushed this sheep because I bribed her with cookies!

Posing with one of the goats....he looked tame enough....

Didn't want to touch the goat's ear....

My sister and I decided to take our picture with the cute, tame goat. We sat down and smiled for the picture. This cute goat decided he wanted to nibble on my neck and sit in my lap! YIKES! My sister jumped up and I was trapped with the goat!!! You can tell from my face that I was beginning to feel the goat on my shoulder...

I started freaking out and the goat stood completely up and almost took my head off in the process! I was paralyzed!!
Yep, here I am trying it again with a different goat when the 'other' goat decided to pop into my picture!!! He wouldn't leave me alone! LOL! I guess I smelled great!! By the way, look at those chompers and that hilarious smile he is giving for the camera!

Here's my new boyfriend or stalker!!!

Savannah took the next few pics, didnt' she do a great job?

Savannah and Caroline on the carousel

Caroline loved the carousel! I am so glad that Savannah was there to ride it with her. I cannot ride carousels, as I get major motion sickness on things just going in circles!!!

Caroline was telling me next time she was going to ride the lion..."ROAR!!!!"


Debbie (NDM #129) said...

Okay...that has GOT to be the funniest thing EVER!

Hilarious pictures of that goat, especially the one where he got in the picture, and he's "smiling!"


Leah and Maya said...

Lvoe your new boyfriend. I love goats! and yours had sucha nice grin.
so Caroline would not like our house much with all the animals. you should have seen Maya's excitment when we found a nice toad last night.