Sunday, June 13, 2010

This mommy's confession....

We have made it through the 'Terrible Two's', and I must say, they weren't that bad. Actually, she was quite angelic compared to what we are going through now!!! The "Terrible Three's" have arrived and they are whipping my butt! I feel like I have tried everything to tame the 'beast', but NOTHING is working. So after this weekend's fiasco, I have decided to put Caroline on a regimented schedule with almost every minute accounted for. Tomorrow begins Day 1, but we are doing a 'trial run' today and I can already see a slight difference. I managed to difuse two tantrums this morning. One was over breakfast and the other over giving Peanut a bath. Silly little things really get her blood boiling, lip quivering, and vocal chords going!!

It's time to tell you what a lazy mom I have been since summer judgements please! My child does NOT like to eat breakfast. She simply likes to ease in the morning with some milk and television. I've been horrible at letting her nibble ALL DAY, so when it's time for a meal, she doesn't want to eat. I honestly didn't want to choose this battle since it's a BIG ONE. judgements, please. But, we will be fixing this problem with our new schedule. I think this may be the hardest one to conquer.

Showers and bath have been a HUGE battle for us, so I simply sponge bathe her and all is right in the world....until it's time for the actual shower time. This turns into crazy meltdowns and always ends up with me and her in tears. What happened to my sweet daughter who LOVED taking showers, who loved singing, and playing in the 'rain'? Again, this will be fixed this week. It's time for Mommy to take back control!

Television...yep, it's a bad one. I am pretty strict on the amount of television she watches, but I am human. Some days seem so long and I'm tiptoeing (is that how that's spelled???) around a meltdown/fit/tantrum, that I just give in and turn the television on. If she leaves the room, I turn it off and BAM! another meltdown! Last week, I put her on television restriction for two days. It was quite wonderful!!! No white noise, no singing cartoon characters, no whining from Rintoo, it was just glorious! So, today we started the timer. She can watch television for a certain amount of time and then it goes off. The timer then is set for 90 minutes and then she can have another tv time. But, today she walked out of the room and I turned it off and started the time. I was preparing for meltdown, but IT DIDN'T COME!!! She was fine with it. I think maybe since she could see the timer, it was a visual reminder that it would come back on...eventually.

Okay, so I basically feel like I have bared my soul. To some, it may not seem like this stuff is a big deal, but it is for us. It's time for me to take back control over my VERY STRONG WILLED CHILD. And, I will for my own sanity. I'll post my schedule later this week and I'll keep you updated on how our progress is going. I also plan on reading "The Strong-willed Child" by Dr. James Dobson. Funny sidenote...I was cleaning upstairs and rearranging the books on the shelf when I found this one. I know that I didn't buy it and Tim certainly didn't buy it. Where did it come from???


LB said...

I love this post, Bethany, because it makes me feel so much better. I too have the television battle, especially during these months adjusting to two, but I can't keep using that excuse:) I love the timer idea!! I have started using a timer when it is time for bed or nap, and it has helped us so much. Maybe it makes them feel like they have some control? I will say, Ada, I am starting the timer for five minutes and when it goes off, bed time, and it always works. Anyway...this is the longest comment ever, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate this post and you are not alone!!

p.s. it's been waaaaaay too long since we hung out!!!

Leah and Maya said...

Obviously you either didn't read my posts or take them seriousley when Maya turned three and I telling you she turned into the demon child, no joke. It was awful, I actually thogth no way are we goign to adopt again with this demonic child in the house. In a few months it passed, mostly. Then they say tis the half birthdays, but really she wasn't nearly as bad as when she turned 3. We have rules about eating and all that so I don't remember even what her behavior was about but boy was it awful. Literally I would not go to twon becasue there was no way I was taking my once friendly little angel to the store becasue now she was a monster, although depending on the the hour and the day she came around now and then. So really apparently its normal.

Alissa said...

welcome to my life, i thought emilio was a little angel at 2. The 3's will be the death of me! it does get better, i give emilio warnings when an activity is going to change and that seems to help, 5 minute warnings before we leave in the morning too. He does not fight me then, but when it comes to friday he is a mess since grandpa and grandma lets him get away with the fits. hang in there it does get better i promise, call me if you need help i will be here for you!