Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween High... or Low

We celebrated our first Halloween with Caroline this year. I wasn't super excited because she was really a year too young to grasp the concept of asking for candy! I also knew that I wasn't going to let her eat any of it, so I felt bad about taking candy from people. One man said "Mommy can eat your candy!". I about died because I used to think the same thing about when babies would go trick or treating. All in all, Caroline collected about ten pieces of candy that I now give to my tutoring students.

Halloween night started out cold so I was grateful that her poodle costume was warm. We went to my sister's house because she has a LARGE extended family which means more excitement. However, I quickly learned that Caroline was overwhelmed and didn't like the large crowd. Tim and I went trick or treating with her by ourselves and only went to a couple of houses. She enjoyed trying to pick out her candy out of the bowls. I really think next year will be more exciting for her. I am already thinking about next year's costume. I am going to have my mom make a stellar costume for our little "monster"!

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Leah and Maya said...

Oh I don't think people really care (maybe they do I've never lived in a neighborhood) I figure we are well entitled to enjoy every little holiday fun because even if the kids don't care we deserve it after waiting so long to have our own child. Maya being a little older liked the whole candy thing and can talk and all that, so very fun for her.