Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mt. Carmel Park...Part 2

It's funny how I just realized that both days at the park, Caroline was wearing the same clothes! I guess I would be the only one to notice! Anyway, we had to stop by our church the other day, so I thought that I would take Caroline to the park for a little bit. I always think of myself as an outgoing person, but this day I felt like an outsider. There was a Mom's group meeting at the park and of course, I didn't know anyone. However, I knew who some of them were talking about! OOPS! It taught me two things... one to make sure that I am always welcoming to newbies and two...make sure that I don't talk about never know who is listening! Granted, I am always aware of number two, but not always aware of number one.

Caroline had a GREAT time again! She loved the big kid area and of course, turned her nose down at the "baby" area! We are meeting some of my dear friends tomorrow for a playdate. Stay tuned for pictures! I can't wait to see Melissa, Sam, and Harrison. It seems like forever since I have seen them!!!


Becky Scott said...

It was my playgroup, huh? They hate me. LOL It's ok though!

Bethany said...

Girl! It wasn't yours, at least I don't think so...they didn't say your name. It was another person and their child.

When are we going to get together?? :)

Chelsea said...

Looks like Caroline had lots of fun!

Becky Scott said...

LOL..I was just kidding!

I'm available next Monday or Friday. Just let me know what works for you. I can even do Thanksgiving week, if you're free.