Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kroger Deals this Week

On the same day that I went to Publix, I also hit Kroger at the end of the street for some more deals. I knew that this trip would take longer, be more expensive, and more excrutiating for Caroline. Kroger was having a mega 10 deal where if you bought ten items, you would get $5 back on your card. However, they limited it to 30 items. I, of course, had more than 30 mega deal items. The cashier was trying to rush me because I had to figure out what my mega items were and then hand him coupons. Talk about frustrating! The ladies behind me were really patient and very interested in what I was doing. He refused to let me use one of my coupons and even took it from me and threw it away! Okay, so I let him get away with that one, but I had to dig a little deeper in the next few minutes. I handed him my coupons for the cinnamon rolls and he again refused to take them. I finally had a little staring contest with him and told him that if he didn't take them, he would have to physically dig in my bags to remove them, so he should just call his manager. He called his manager and of course, the coupons were good!

Total Spent: $250 before coupons and Kroger Plus card
Out of Pocket (oop): $90

I got 8 packages of chicken breasts, chicken wings, frozen veggies, canned veggies, more potatoes (ended up being 20 cents each), glade oil candles (ended being dirt cheap around 1 dollar each), muffin mixes, fresh fruit and veggies, some snacks for later (stock piling), evaporated milk (have no idea what I am going to do with it, but it was 25 cents and apparently people bake with it??), cleaning supplies and some of Tim's favorite ice cream.

Gotta love the new websites! However, I did learn to read the actual Kroger deals posted on the blogs so that I would know in advance what I was getting into. Also, I will now go grocery shopping while Caroline is at KidsPlay so I can have my frugal brain on and not my mommy brain!!

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Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Bethany, I NEED HELP!!! I want to learn how to save money at the grocery store. We are having to cut out so much....we are trying to finish paying off of the adoption. Can you please help??!!! My e-mail is lindseyewheeler at I am SO IMPRESSED!!!! I just spent 90 dollars at Kroger and got about 1/4 of what you got!!

Lindsey Wheeler