Monday, November 10, 2008

It still fits!

Last year for Christmas, Tim bought me some Tiffany earrings, but while he had to wait for an appointment, he found a new store! Janie and Jack!! He bought Caroline the cutest little pants! This was a milestone for Tim since he usually leaves the shopping up to me. It was SUPER sweet of him because he was trying to console me since we weren't going to have her home for Christmas, not going to Guatemala to be with her and I was having surgery the day after on my ankle. Anyway, we went back to the store a few weeks after he bought her pants and picked up the matching shirt and socks. The shirt is so adorable because it looks like our dog, Peaches. The weather has been so crazy around here and one day it was cool enough to put her "new" outfit on! She wore it to school and her teachers just raved about it! Way to go Daddy for picking out a spectacular outfit!


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Beautiful baby, and cute outfit!