Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Marathon Race Is Over For Woody

Caroline was constantly trying to catch Woody!

Peek a boo! I see you!

What are you looking at? I was praying not napping!!

Woody, our praying cat, was praying for Caroline to get home back in December!

It's been a pretty sad week around our house. Caroline has been pretty sick and to top it off, we had to put our beloved cat, Woody, to sleep. When I got home from Guatemala, I noticed that he was really unhealthy looking (super skinny) and his fur was not well groomed. I thought it was perhaps worms. However, Tim took him to the vet for me and he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. His heart was double the size of a normal heart and was basically in cardiac arrest at all times. The vet described it as the same as a marathon runner dropping dead of a heart attack. Some days were better than others. The vet prescribed him medicine to help ease his pain, drain fluid away from his heart and something else. Well, the fight ended on Monday afternoon. Tim came home early and we found Woody was paralyzed on the floor and gasping for air. He took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with having a blood clot, which was causing him to not be able to breathe and walk. It was so sad. Woody had been in our family for 9 years and was our "little lion". It still seems like we will hear him knock at the door to come in in the middle of the night. (He went out at night because we think he had a few girls on the side!!) Caroline loved Woody and amazingly, he loved her.


Debbie said...

Oh my gosh Bethany! We started out with six cats and are down to two. I was thinking about the last one that died this morning on the way to work. He died just a few weeks ago, and boy, how I still miss him.

Everyone knows how much I love dogs, but like I always tell Tony & Josh, "There is just something SO special about a cat."

They are just marvelous beings--so loving, so limber, and so much fun! We have one cat that "prays" like your Woody did.

We always love to find her in that she's hiding her eyes so she can sleep!

Thank you for sharing! Time will ease the pain, but you will always remember the love that Woody gave you and the special times you shared together with him!

Love you!

Leah and Maya said...

So sorry it is so hard to have pets because they are never around long enough. So glad he got to meet Caroline and have the summer of being caught by her. Take Care.

Nancy and Isaac McGee said...

Oh Bethany I am sorry to hear about your cat. Although I am not a cat person I do know how much our pets are just part of the family

LB said...

hi Bethany, I have been looking around your blog:) I can't believe you live right here in Henry County. I have a few questions for you--one, does Mt. Carmel park have smaller equipment for the younger ones to play on? I have not found a good park to take Ada to because the equipment is all too big for her. Two--how did you find a mom group? I have a few mom friends from church that I hang out with, but staying at home all day gets rather lonely. I would love to find a good mom group.

Ruthanne said...

oh! I'm so sorry. Losing a pet is so difficult. It takes so long to remember that they are no longer there.