Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Publix Shopping Trip

Yesterday, we went to Publix to take advantage of some of the deals. I had LOTS of coupons and clipped them to the top of the flyer. I stuck to the list and only bought two things not on the list (in other words, things I didn't have coupons for). The total was $110 and then I handed the lady my stack of coupons. I smiled and said "I'm trying out this new coupon thing." She looked at me and just groaned! What the heck? Did I offend you by handing you things you should be prepared to handle? I should point out that the bagger boy was extremely nice and totally impressed with my savings. He even told me that he was going to tell his mom how much I saved! Sweet kid!
Anyway...GRAND TOTAL: $40.00 WOOOHOOO!

Notice the massive amounts of Idahoan potato bags (they were free with my coupons) and my Uncle Ben's Rice was 30 cents. The oats were one cent with the mystery coupon, which I ended up getting free because they scanned up wrong. The Scan Right Policy totally works if you pay attention! Also, the biscuits were on sale and then I had coupons which made them around $1.00. The ghost cookies ended up being free with a coupon and an unadvertised sale (I use these to feed my tutoring kids). Not too bad, eh?

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