Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Semana Santa Pictures from Guatemala

Here are some more Semana Santa pictures from Guatemala last year (see previous post for more). These pictures show how heavy the floats are and how much incense is in the air.

I like this picture. Not really sure why, but maybe it's because a father and daughter.
Two men at the back of the Women's Float. It really shows the weight of the floats.
Sheer determination...

The Women's Float
The destruction of the sad!

The band either follows the raft or proceeds it.

A view of the top of a raft

Some more sheer determination...

One of the more larger, heavier floats

Another view

The crowd gathering for the parade

Children carrying flowers proceeding the float. I also like this picture because it shows one of the simplest forms of a carpet.

The parade begins. Notice the heavy incense in the air!

One of my favorite carpets. You can see the many carpets in the background. Beautiful!

Just another view of the parade route.

Not really sure what was going on but it was some sort of theatre play.

Some more theatre in the streets

Theatre in the streets

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