Monday, April 6, 2009

A Year Ago...Pictures

These pictures were taken exactly one year ago today in Guatemala. We had our foster parents back for another night to stay with us. At this point, we had Caroline back in our custody, but we had established such a wonderful friendship with them, they became our guests. They loved Caroline very much and were missing her terribly.
On one of Tim's trips in, he found this amazing bakery a few "blocks" away from our house. If you didn't know it was a bakery, you would have walked by it because it was in someone's home. Anway, Juliza and I walked to get some goodies and brought it home for a special treat. Mario decided to "celebrate" Caroline's 1st birthday a bit early and gave her cake. I knew at this moment that my baby girl was going to LOVE sweets!! Wow, how time does fly!!

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Leah and Maya said...

Isn't it nice to refelct back because you are home. It does bring back alot of memories but still at least now you are at home. Time flys at home, time is slow in guatemala, or as I liked to call it groundhogs day.