Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sticker Easter Egg Hunt with Friends

Snack and story time
Ruth enjoying her snack
Torbin loving his canteloupe
Ada is calling for extra reinforcements during the egg hunt
Hey guys! I think there are some eggs in the dog bed!
Are there any eggs in the bathroom?
Thomas is on the hunt for eggs!
My cutie Caroline!
Let the hunt begin!
What?? No candy!! :)
We hosted the Easter Egg at my house on Tuesday. We had planned on having it outside, but mother nature had other things in store for us...such as the coldest day of spring! We moved the egg hunt inside the house and the kids couldn't have cared less! Caroline and I had such a great time hosting our friends. But, we do need to work on sharing (we, as in Caroline) our toys!!

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