Thursday, April 2, 2009

School Easter Egg Hunt

Ruth and Caroline...pigging out on chocolate! :)
Ruth, Me, and Caroline
Look Mommy!

Ummm....what's in these eggs?
Let me count my precious eggs...1...
Caden is checking out Caroline's cute basket
Is there really candy in here??
Caroline had her first Easter Egg Hunt at school on Tuesday. She was so funny! She didn't really get the fact that you raced to pick up as many eggs as possible. Caroline just stood back adn watched the other children at first. She then started picking up a few eggs, but she would shake them first to see if there was anything in them! LOL! What she didn't realize was that the ones that didn't make noise actually had stickers in them! :) I would have LOVED for her to have picked up only the "quiet" ones. We suffered a HUGE belly ache later in the day. We live 1.1 mile from the school. So I handed Caroline her baskets and not thinking that she could open her candy by herself. By the time we reached our driveway, she had eaten SIX pieces of chocolate! I am a pretty strict mom with her diet and RARELY let her eat chocolate or my poor child had more chocolate candy in 1 mile than she has had in her entire life! Needless to say...we have been having major BM's!! Oh, was fun! I must say thank you to Grandmama for her adorable bunny basket. Caroline loved it and so did the other children! :) Thank you Grandmama!!!

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Leah and Maya said...

yeah easter! I know what you mean about candy, and its going to be tough this year, boy Maya would like to eat candy all day long (me too).